Secret Magic Tricks Revealed

Magic tricks were closely guarded secrets. And the dividing line between reason and the supernatural remained wider than ever.

But there has been a shift in how magic secrets are viewed these days. After coming online, magic secrets have been a threat to many established Zoom magician hire who considered it heretical. After all when one of their fraternity and a sort of guru to boot pulls the rug from under their feet, they should be worried. And it scalded more as it was the gurus they paid to learn the magic tricks. It was their bread and butter and it suited them fine as the audience, convinced about their supernatural properties, flocked to their shows in droves.

Should the veil be lifted and the magicians exposed? Well, why not? They were making it appear all out of this world as the audience lapped it up. But there may be many who would love to get under the skin of the supernatural to try and replicate their feat. They do not believe in any mumbo jumbo stuff and want to get to the bottom of the magic show.

So when the secret magic tricks got revealed for all to see, people realized there was a magician in every one of them. No voodoo or some supernatural stuff that could be explained by aliens from space, but real hard science based on studies and practice. Yep, practice and practice…and lots of them.

Practice is the key to set the magician in you kicking about like a baby raring to come forth. Secret magic tricks are all about famous magicians and their feats. After all, how would you have known about David Blaine’s levitation techniques? Or, the way how David Copperfield made the Lady of New York City vanish? Or, the card games, the hypnosis techniques or the way famous magicians perform stage illusions like pros?

Magic secrets are revealed and prized open for all to see, learn, practice and enjoy.


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