The Top 5 Health Care Products You Should Not Be Without!

This is it! My top five list of health care products that you should always have in your home and never be without. I composed this list based on the body’s most important nutritional needs. For each product I have reviewed it’s functionality, purity, potency, quality, availability, and cost. Most importantly, I have done research to conclude that each product is safe and effective.

Now, everyone reading this must understand that I am not a Doctor nor do I have any health care training. Do not do any of the things that I say. This article is purely for entertainment purposes only.

Which brings me to the first product on my list.


35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide. There are nutrients that your body absolutely can not live without. THE most important of these nutrients is Oxygen. The number one reason you are sick is because your body lacks Oxygen. Think about it! You can go weeks without food, and days without water. However, you can only go a few minutes without Oxygen.

Exercise and deep breathing are two of the cheapest, easiest, safest, and most effective ways of getting more oxygen into the cells, next to drinking water.

Hydrogen Peroxide (H202) is nothing more than water (H20) with one extra oxygen atom. This is a substance that has been written about in books and medical documents for years. There are many grades of Hydrogen Peroxide, but there is only one grade that is safe to use, 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide. I am not talking about the crap that comes in a brown bottle at your local drug store, no, that is 3% Pharmaceutical Grade Hydrogen Peroxide and is loaded with stabilizers. It is crap, do not use it. Get 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide, which usually has to be ordered online. Now, I caution you because this is very potent stuff. Never ever, EVER drink this stuff straight, it MUST be diluted first. There is a good book called “The One Minute Cure,” by Madison Cavanaugh. It is a very easy to read book, it is inexpensive, and it shows you exactly how to use 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide to CURE any disease. Yes, you read that correctly. It is a book on how to use 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide to CURE ANY DISEASE.

With that said you can understand the importance of having H202 in your home. This is a very easy substance to get that is readily available and because of its potency, it cost pennies to use. One bottle of this stuff goes for $10 to $20 and could last you a year or more. Hydrogen Peroxide has many uses and incredible health benefits that could potentially save you hundreds of dollars in other health care cost.


Water Filter. If you drink tap water on a regular basis, you are either insane or just a moron. Drinking water from bottles on a regular basis does not make you very bright either. In other words,DMSO GEL use a water filter or purifier. The price you pay for one water filter will save you tons of money on drinking water costs for the future months. All you need are a few glass or stainless steel containers and a good long-lasting, quality water filter.

Of course having any water filter is better than nothing. However, some water filters are better than others, obviously. Don’t get me wrong, there are many inexpensive water filters on the market, but there are only very few that are any good. Not only do you want something that will filter out dangerous chemicals such as Fluoride and Chlorine, you want something that will bring life and energy back into the water so that you end up with a form of water that the body can absorb easily, just as nature intended.

There is only one water filter on the market that I know of that will do this, and that is the E-Water Filter. This is “The Water Doctor,” Fred Van Liew’s water filter. He is an expert, AN EXPERT on water and is very knowledgeable on the subject of water and how the body absorbs and uses it. The water you are showering in and drinking is loaded with toxins. Trust me, you do not want to continue to drink or even shower in this water. Find out more about Fred Van Liew’s Water Filters and the E-Water Shower Filter. He has the best filters in my opinion. Using a water filter will save you time, MONEY, and your overall health.


Vitamin D3. This is the vitamin that you don’t want to be without. There are only a few sources of Vitamin D on the planet, the main one being the Sun.

15 minutes in the Sun daily, provides your body with Vitamin D in the dosage nature intended. However, how do you get your daily dose of Vitamin D during the winter months when your exposure to Sunlight is dramatically low, thus allowing your body to become more susceptible to viruses and other diseases. You could eat more eggs and drink more milk, but would those foods really provide enough Vitamin D as the Sun to fight off infectious diseases such as the Cold or Flu? Hardly!

Cod liver oil seems to be one of the more popular sources of Vitamin D supplement on the market. It is very inexpensive and is in fact a very good source of Vitamin D. Now, the question is potency.

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